MABE Orphanage -- Port au Prince, Haiti

MABE Orphanage -- Port au Prince, Haiti

Friday, July 21, 2017

Support for MABE Orphanage, Port au Prince

Meet the MABE kids. Pretty cute, huh? They're all orphans living at the MABE orphanage in Port au Prince, the capital city of the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. They live in a very loving, but resource deprived environment. On our first day in Haiti next week, we will head to the open air street market and load up our truck with rice, flour, pasta, beans (if we can afford them) and other staples to make sure they are well fed for at least a while. If you'd like to help us keep them fed..., please pitch in whatever amount you can. 100% of your donations will be used to support these and other impoverished (and adorable) children in Haiti next week. You can send a check to Children's Hope (3025A Cambridge Rd., Cameron Park 95682) or donate online here:

Please share this post with your friends, family, neighbors, or co-workers. You never know who's out there looking for an opportunity to serve.

Thanks so much for your continued and generous support... many hands make the burden lighter.

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